Ann Margaret is a fourth generation Irish Immigrant. Ann’s great grandparents came from County Cork Ireland to escape poverty with the promise of work digging the Erie Canal. The family eventually settled in the Detroit neighborhood known as Corktown. Fleeing the violence and uncertainty of Detroit and big city living, Ann Margaret’s family moved to Clarkston, Michigan, population 1,034. But this sleepy town had a dark side. Between 1969 and 1982 more than forty unexplained accidents and incomprehensible murders struck residents of this rural community. Ann experienced first hand many of these events. Haunted by memories in her dreams, Ann took to the local library, searching through countless reels of microfilm. Her first book Clarkston’s Curse, tells her story.

Though a CPA by trade, Ann is an avid reader and writer. And who, in spite of the tragedies she read about and witnessed, still lives in Clarkston. You will often find her, and other characters from Clarkston’s Curse sharing a glass of wine in one of the town’s quaint restaurants.

A few of her favorites:

Novel: The Other Side of Midnight by Sydney Sheldon

Quote: Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs
should relax and get used to the idea

–Robert A. Heinlein

Song: The house that built me by Miranda Lambert